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Compass extension for the 1140px fluid layout style
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eleven40-compass extension

This is a Compass-CSS extension to enable the 1140px fluid layout style, originally described at

The main problem with the styles provided is that is makes your markup and style non-semantic. Compass and SASS fixes that.

This extension is not quite in line with the original, but will be soon. It currently only has screen and mobile support.



This extension provides mixins to do what the classes in the original did. In general, you can follow this format:

@include eleven40-classname

For example:

@include eleven40-container

replaces the


css class.

The same applies for the row class all the col classes. Make sure you use the eleven40-last mixin for the last column, just like in the css class version.


To make a mobile stylesheet, simply:

@import "eleven40/mobile";

This will include the mobile styles that will overload the default screen styles.


gem install eleven40

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