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Requirements Status GPL3

Another implementation of DRAW with deepy framework

Paper: http://arxiv.org/pdf/1502.04623


Core components in the implementation are copied from https://github.com/jbornschein/draw, thanks for the great work of https://github.com/jbornschein.

Tricky parts in the model

  • Differential filter functions that can zoom in and zoom out an image to get a glimpse
  • Q Sampler
  • Differential sampling function to get a sample from distributions

What does the sampler do, an analysis from computation graph

  • Prior distribution P_z
  • This distribution generates latent variables used in image generation
  • mean and deviation transform networks
  • These two networks transform inputs to mean and deviation vectors to form a distribution Q(z|x)
  • The goal for training these two network is to make Q(z|x) close to prior P_z
  • KL(Q(z|x) || P_z) is to evaluate how close these two distributions are
  • But if we sample a latent variable from Q(z|x), another goal is to restore the original input x from z
  • So this means the model try to map any input to a similar latent vector
  • but it has to maintain a tiny difference so as to decode it back to x
  • Then if we sample from P_z, we are sampling from Q(z|x) which we don't know what the x is

Experiment on MNIST

python mnist_training.py

MNIST Animation (work in progress)