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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import logging as loggers
from config import GeneralConfig
from deepy.core.env import FLOATX
import theano
import numpy as np
logging = loggers.getLogger(__name__)
# Training
"learning_rate": theano.shared(np.array(0.01, dtype=FLOATX)),
"validation_frequency": 1,
"test_frequency": 3,
"monitor_frequency": 1,
"min_improvement": 0.001,
"max_iterations": 0,
"patience": 6,
"auto_save": None,
"data_transmitter": None, # Never use this
"record_free_params": True,
"fixed_parameters": None,
# Optimization
"method": "ADADELTA",
"weight_bound": None,
"avoid_nan": False,
"gradient_tolerance": None,
"gradient_clipping": None, # L2 clipping value
"avoid_compute_embed_norm": False,
# Regularization
"update_l1": 0,
"update_l2": 0,
"weight_l1": 0,
"weight_l2": 0,
"hidden_l1": 0,
"hidden_l2": 0,
class TrainerConfig(GeneralConfig):
Training configuration container.
def __init__(self, settingMap=None):
super(TrainerConfig, self).__init__(logger=logging)
if isinstance(settingMap, dict):
for key, value in settings.items():
self.attrs[key] = value
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