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Clone The Project

  • You can either use your git commands to clone the project or you can simple download the whole Project

Installing the Packages

  • To install all the dependecies
npm install

Configure React Router

  • As I have used React Router here to navigate between some pages. This Router has a base URL hardly coded inside the src/App.js file. Please replace your basename found inside this App.js file(line number 43) with yours. As my demo URL is in a subdirectory( called react-micro-blog, I have used the basename as /react-micro-blog. Please configure yours accordingly.

Configure Homepage

  • Same for the production version, I have added a field called homepage inside package.json file. Please replace it with yours if you want your production version to work properly.

Production Build

  • Once you are ready to publish the project, you can easily make a production using this command:
npm run build


  • React JS
  • React Router
  • Talk.js Group
  • And all of my friends who continuously inspire me
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