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zonca committed Nov 12, 2012
1 parent 094692a commit 42917135254bb5b3c681b3ab100e775fdf604ff7
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+* Update of from camb Jan12 to Oct12
+- Makefile_main, Oct12 adds cosmorec, but we do not plan to use it
+- Makefile no significant differences
+- camb.f90, just 1 line difference between jan12 and oct12
+- cmbmain.f90, added boinc checkpointing to the Oct12 version
+- inifiledriver.F90, applied 3 lines difference from Jan12 to Oct12 to the
+boincified version
+- inifile.f90 just got Oct12 version and added boinc func at the bottom
+- lensing.f90 had no change from Jan to Oct, so kept boincified version
+- utils, subroutines, recfast, readme, params, modules, halofit, equation
+and constants not affected by boincification, then just got Oct version

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