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from glob import glob
from ConfigParser import SafeConfigParser
import exceptions
import logging as log
import os.path
import numpy as np
import healpy as hp
stokes_I = "IHA"
# H for hits,
# ABCDEF 6 components of VARIANCE matrix
# II, IQ, IU, QQ, QU, UU
def get_filename(filename_pattern):
for pattern in [filename_pattern, filename_pattern.replace("_full","")]:
filename = glob(pattern)
if len(filename) == 1:
filename = filename[0]
log.debug("File: " + filename)
return filename
if len(filename) == 0:
error_log = "No match for pattern " + filename_pattern
error_log = "Multiple matches for pattern " + filename_pattern
raise exceptions.IOError(error_log)
def arcmin2rad(arcmin):
return np.radians(arcmin/60.)
FWHM = { 30:arcmin2rad(33.15873215), 44:arcmin2rad(28.08523439), 70:arcmin2rad(13.08124258)}
def type_of_channel_set(ch):
"""Returns a string that identifies the set of channels"""
if ch == "":
return "frequency"
elif ch.find('_') >= 0:
return "detset"
elif len(ch) == 5: # this works for lfi only
return "horn"
return "channel"
class BaseMapReader:
"""Abstract class, all readers should provide this
def __call__(self, freq, surv, chtag='', nside=None, halfring=0, pol="I"):
"""See docstrings of the child classes"""
return np.zeros(hp.nside2npix(1024))
class DXReader(BaseMapReader):
"""All maps in a single folder, DX9 naming convention"""
def __init__(self, config_filename, nside=None, debug=False):
nside : None or int
if None matches any nside, otherwise integer nside
self.config = SafeConfigParser();
self.nside = nside
self.debug = debug
def read_masks(self, freq):
result = []
filenames = [get_filename(self.config.get("Templates", mask_type).format(frequency=freq)) for mask_type in ["ps_mask", "spectra_mask", "galaxy_mask"]]
for file_name in filenames:
result.append(np.logical_not(np.floor(hp.ud_grade(hp.read_map(file_name), self.nside)).astype(np.bool)))
return tuple(result)
def __call__(self, freq, surv, chtag='', halfring=0, pol="I", bp_corr=False):
"""Read a map and return the array of pixels.
freq : int
surv : int or string
"nominal", "full", or survey number
chtag : string
can be "" for frequency, radiometer("LFI18S"), horn("LFI18"), quadruplet("18_23"), detset("detset_1")
halfring : int
0 for full, 1 and 2 for first and second halfrings
pol : string
required polarization components, e.g. 'I', 'Q', 'IQU'
maps : array or tuple of arrays
single map or tuple of maps as returned by healpy.read_map
# type of channel
channel_type = type_of_channel_set(chtag)
# type of map
is_survey = isinstance(surv, int)
is_halfring = halfring != 0
# stokes component
stokes = stokes_IQU
if (channel_type in ["channel", "horn"]) or freq >= 545:
stokes = stokes_I
if isinstance(pol, str):
components = [stokes.index(p) for p in pol]
if len(components) == 1:
components = components[0]
components = pol
if channel_type in ["channel", "horn"]:
if freq > 70:
freq = chtag
chtag = ""
chtag = chtag.translate(None, "LFI") # remove LFI from channel name
# read_map
output_map = []
file_template_list = ["map", channel_type]
if is_survey:
if is_halfring:
file_template = "_".join(file_template_list)
if channel_type == "horn":
# horn maps created summing channel maps
file_template = file_template.replace("horn", "channel")
if freq > 70:
tags = [chtag+'a', chtag+'b']
tags = [chtag+'M', chtag+'S']
tags = [chtag]
file_parameters = {"frequency":freq, "survey":surv}
if is_halfring:
file_parameters["halfring"] = halfring
for tag in tags:
filename_pattern = self.config.get("Templates", file_template).format(channel=tag, **file_parameters)
filename = get_filename(filename_pattern)"components %s" % (str(components)))
if not self.debug:
output_map.append(, components)))
if not os.path.exists(filename):
raise exceptions.ValueError("Map missing: " + filename)
output_map.append(, hp.nside2npix(1024))))
if bp_corr:
bp_corr_file_template = "map_iqucorrection"
if is_survey:
bp_corr_file_template += "_survey"
bp_corr_filename_pattern = self.config.get("Templates", bp_corr_file_template).format(frequency=freq, survey=surv)
bp_corr_filename = get_filename(bp_corr_filename_pattern)
if not self.debug:
corr_map =, (0,1,2)))
corr_map =[np.zeros(hp.nside2npix(1024)) for c in [0,1,2]])
for comp, corr in zip(output_map[0], corr_map):
comp += corr
if channel_type == "horn":"Combining maps in horn map")
out = .5 * (output_map[0] + output_map[1])
out = output_map[0]
if self.nside:"Downgrading to nside %d" % self.nside)
power = None
if pol in "ADF":"Downgrading a covariance matrix")
power = 2
out = hp.ud_grade(out, self.nside,power=power)
return out