Setting up NOMP for MPOS usage

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Hello! Welcome to the quick, easy guide to setting up NOMP as a MPOS stratum server, a replacement for python-stratum. It's not as hard as you may think!

First things first!

A few commands to get started (note: all commands assume you are root):

  git clone
  cd node-open-mining-portal
  cp config_example.json config.json
  nano config.json

Find the line that looks like this:

    "website": {
         "enabled": true,

Change true to false, as we will be using MPOS for the frontend Save config.json,

The next command needs modification according to which coin(s) you are setting up NOMP for:

nano coins/**MYCOINNAME**.json

inside of yourcoin.json, put the following

     "name": "**MYCOIN**",
     "symbol": "**MYC**",
     "algorithm": "scrypt", //or "sha256", "scrypt-jane", "scrypt-n", "quark", "x11"
     "txMessages": false, //or true (not required, defaults to false)
     "mposDiffMultiplier": 256, //only for x11 coins in mpos mode, set to 256 (optional)

For additional documentation how to configure coins (especially important for scrypt-n and scrypt-jane coins) see these instructions.

Almost there!

Some more commands! Again, these require modification

 cp pool_configs/litecoin_example.json pool_configs/**MYCOIN**.json
 nano pool_configs/**MYCOIN**.json

Find the following line:

 "address": "somerandomaddresshere",

Change that address to your coins address

Now find the next line we need to change:

  "shareProcessing": {
         "internal": {
             "enabled": true,

Change this to false Now to our next line! Isn't configuration fun?

        "mpos": {
             "enabled": false,

And you guessed it! Change this to true!

Now! Our next thing you MAY want to change, is the stratum ports; these can be found under

    "ports": {

I suggest changing port 3032 to 3333, which MPOS sets as the default in its configuration

The last thing to change is the daemons, Find these at the lines:

 "daemons": [
             "host": "",
             "port": 19332,
             "user": "litecoinrpc",
             "password": "testnet"
             "host": "",
             "port": 19344,
             "user": "litecoinrpc",
             "password": "testnet"

Change these to the appropriate settings for your coins RPC info.


You can now start up your stratum with the following command:

node init.js
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