The Zonemaster Backend - part of the Zonemaster project
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Zonemaster Backend

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This repository is one of the components of the Zonemaster software. For an overview of the Zonemaster software, please see the Zonemaster repository.

This module is the Backend JSON/RPC weservice for the Web Interface part of the Zonemaster project. It offers a JSON/RPC api to run tests one by one (as the zonemaster-gui web frontend module does, or by using a batch API to run the Zonemaster engine on many domains)

A Zonemaster user needs to install the backend only in the case where there is a need of logging the Zonemaster test runs in one's own respective database for analysing.


Before you install the Zonemaster Backend, you need the Zonemaster Engine installed. Please see the Zonemaster Engine installation instructions.


If you are upgrading Zonemaster Backend from 1.0.X to 1.1.X please follow the upgrade instructions from 1.0.X to 1.1.X and then follow the relevant parts of the installation instructions below.

For all other upgrades follow the relevant parts of the installation instructions below.


Follow the detailed installation instructions.


Zonemaster Backend is configured as a whole from /etc/zonemaster/backend_config.ini (CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu) or /usr/local/etc/zonemaster/backend_config.ini (FreeBSD).

At this time there is no documentation for backend_config.ini.


The Zonemaster Backend documentation is split up into several documents:

  • A number of Typographic Conventions are used throughout this documentation.
  • The Architecture document describes each of the Zonemaster Backend components and how they operate. It also discusses all central concepts needed to understand the Zonemaster backend, and contains a glossary over domain specific technical terms.
  • The Getting Started guide walks you through creating a test and following it through its life cycle, all using JSON-RPC calls to the RPC API daemon.
  • The API documentation describes the RPC API daemon inteface in detail.

The docs directory also contains the SQL commands for manipulating the database.


The software is released under the 2-clause BSD license. See separate LICENSE file.