The Zonemaster Engine - part of the Zonemaster project
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Zonemaster Engine

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This repository holds one of the components of the Zonemaster product. For an overview of the Zonemaster software, please see the Zonemaster main repository.

This Git repository contains the Zonemaster Engine testing framework, and contains all code needed to perform the full suite of Zonemaster tests.


For supported processor architectures, operating systems and Perl versions see Zonemaster/


Installation instructions for the Engine is provided in the installation document.


This repository does not need any specific configuration.


There is full POD coverage of the Perl code. The documentation can be read on the CPAN site.

For a curious user, there are documentations regarding translating the output to a new language, implementing a new test and the log entries under the directory docs.

Participation, Contact and Bug reporting

For participation, contact and bug reporting, please see Zonemaster/


The software is released under the 2-clause BSD license. See separate LICENSE file.