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UCI/standalone bitboard chess engine
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Absolute Zero

Absolute Zero is a bitboard chess engine written in C#. It was developed from scratch to learn about chess programming and game tree searching. By default it runs with its own GUI but it supports the UCI protocol when given the -u command-line parameter. While in UCI/command-line mode it also accepts commands such as perft and divide.

Demo image

General features:

  • Runs with own GUI by default
  • Runs in UCI/command-line mode with -u argument
  • Accepts perft and divide commands in command-line mode
  • Bitboard chess engine that runs in 64-bit when possible

Search features:

  • Principal variation search
  • Iterative deepening
  • Transposition table
  • Null move heuristic
  • Killer move heuristic
  • MVV/LVA heuristic
  • Futility pruning
  • Late move reductions
  • Quiescence search with SEE
  • Draw detection
  • Mate distance pruning
  • Time control heuristics

Evaluation features:

  • Phase interpolation
  • Piece-square tables
  • Mobility evaluation
  • Pawn structure evaluation
  • Simple capture evaluation
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