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Modular Python{2,3} IRC bot

Getting started

  • cp bot.config.example bot.config
  • vim bot.config
  • Create a MySQL database, i.e. CREATE DATABASE foo; GRANT ALL ON foo.* TO ...
  • mysql <dump.sql
  • ./run

Install in your crontab, if desired.
* * * * * /path/to/erebus/
To suppress from restarting the bot without removing from crontab, touch dontstart

Output will be placed in logfile, which is rotated to oldlogs/. (I strongly recommend rm oldlogs/* as a weekly crontab entry. @weekly find /path/to/erebus/oldlogs/ -mtime 7 -execdir rm '{}' +)

The bot targets both Python 2 and 3. However, it is generally only actively tested on Python 2. If it's not working on Python 3 (or an included module isn't working on Python 3), please raise a bug.

Some modules require additional supporting materials, which can be found in modules/contrib/.

Module API

The module API has largely remained backwards-compatible and likely will remain so into the future. However, it is still currently unstable, primarily because it's only tested with the included modules. If you find a change was introduced which breaks something you relied on, please raise a bug.

There is currently no documentation as to... well, anything. A good starter template for a new module is modules/ modules/ uses a significant subset of the API features available. modules/ is intended as a demonstration module, and documents some of the major features.

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