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Copy it, yank anything!
Emacs Lisp
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[Emacs] Copy it, yank anything!

copyit.el is Emacs Lisp package for Yanking / Clipboard Copy And Paste.



MELPA: copyit MELPA stable: copyit
M-x copyit-variableCopy value of symbol’s variable.
M-x copyit-file-pathnameCopy file pathname.
M-x copyit-file-contentCopy file content.
M-x copyit-file-exif-informationCopy Exif information. (require ImageMagick identify command)
M-x copyit-file-as-data-uriCopy file content as Data URI.
M-x copyit-sshCopy file content in ~/.ssh/ directory.


MELPA: copyit-pandoc MELPA stable: copyit-pandoc
M-x copyit-pandoc-export-to-htmlConvert and Copy file as HTML
M-x copyit-pandoc-export-to-markdownConvert and Copy file as Markdown

C-u M-x copyit-pandoc-export-to-html and C-u M-x copyit-pandoc-export-to-markdown convert a file. When C-u is prepended, the content of the current buffer is converted.


copyit-binary-file-copy-method (default: data-uri)

Binary file copy method in copyit-file-content.

copyit-ssh-directory-path (default: =”~/.ssh/”=)

Path to your SSH directory.

copyit-copy-bare-string (default: t)

Copy bare (non-quoted) string when interactively called. (=”abc”= as abc)

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