Convert number to ordinal number notation
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Ordinal number for Emacs Lisp

MELPA: ordinal MELPA stable: ordinal

This package simply provides conversion to English ordinal numbers. (ex. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4thNth)


Function string ordinal-format (integer N)

Return string with an English ordinal appended to an integer N.

(ordinal-format 0) ; => "0th" but, it's not strictly correct English
(ordinal-format 1) ; => "1st"
(ordinal-format 2) ; => "2nd"
(ordinal-format 3) ; => "3rd"
(ordinal-format 4) ; => "4th"

(ordinal-format -1)
;; => Assertion failed: (>= n 0)

Variable boolean ordinal-number-accept-0 (default: T)

When this variable is non-~NIL~, 0th is not allowed.

(let ((ordinal-number-accept-0 nil))
  (ordinal-format 0))
;; => Assertion failed: (>= n 1)

This variable works with dynamic scope. Do not use setq for ordinal-number-accept-0.

Function string ordinal-suffix (integer N)

This is a function to convert the number suffix. Please be careful that it will not check the lower limit.

(ordinal-suffix 1)  ; => "st"
(ordinal-suffix 2)  ; => "nd"
(ordinal-suffix 3)  ; => "rd"
(ordinal-suffix 4)  ; => "th"
(ordinal-suffix 0)  ; => "th"
(ordinal-suffix -1) ; => "th"

That is, (ordinal-suffix -1) is a valid expression.