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Open untitled new buffer like other text editors in Emacs
Emacs Lisp
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MELPA untitled-new-buffer MELPA stable: untitled-new-buffer

In some text editors, the new buffer has no association with the file. This package emulates (unsaved) new buffers.

Key binding

Put the following into your .emacs file (~/.emacs.d/init.el)

(bind-key "M-N" 'untitled-new-buffer-with-select-major-mode)


You can customize this package by M-x customize-group untitle-new-buffer. Or put the following into your .emacs file.

;; Only modes your know.
(setq untitled-new-buffer-major-modes '(php-mode enh-ruby-mode python-mode sql-mode text-mode prog-mode markdown-mode))
;; Change default buffer name.
(setq untitled-new-buffer-default-name "New File")
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