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A Python tool for collecting information when reporting bugs.
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A Python tool for collecting information when reporting bugs.

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python -m pip install git+
python -m pip install reportabug

Installing directly from GitHub is recommended for now, as not every improvement is being released to PyPI.


reportabug [--format FORMAT] [MODULE NAMES]
python -m reportabug [--format FORMAT] [MODULE NAMES]

The report will be output to the console. You should copy-paste this into your bug report.

FORMAT may be one of ghmarkdown (default, also ghmd and ghm), markdown (also md and m), or text (also t). In general, ghmarkdown will be valid and optimised for GitHub issues, while markdown will be more pure.

On Windows, you can pipe to clip.exe to store the output on the clipboard.

python -m reportabug [MODULE NAMES] | clip

Some personal information will be hidden, though a non-reversible summary of its contents is included as this information may be important. Remember to review your report for personal information before sharing.

See issue #1 for an example report.


Currently, reportabug has no public API. However, modules specified on the command line may expose a _reportabug_info generator to provide additional info.

def _reportabug_info(arg):
    yield 'summary', 'summary line of text'
    yield 'key', VALUE

Each key/value pair will be added to the result section for the module. If the summary key exists, it will be added to a summary section if one exists for the selected output format.

The arg parameter is currently undefined, but may be used in future.


Contributions are welcome. Feel free to file an issue or PR.

Requests to add further information to the report should include supporting evidence, such as a bug that would have been diagnosed more quickly with the additional information.


No information is transmitted by this tool. Please review and remove personal information from the generated reports before sharing with other people.

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