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How to create a pure css tabbed menu widget using radio input?

This is a tutorial on how to create a simple tabbed menu using radio input. This type of widget is widely used on website to economize space. Very useful on news websites.

Image of screenshot

Install & Usage

  1. Clone this reposetory or download the zip. Extract the zip in your folder.

  2. Launch the index.html

Embed the code in yours

The Structure of the code is as following:


  • Repeat as many tab as the number of tabs you want for your menu
  • Each radio input should have a different id
  • Each label should be for a radio
  • Mark the default active tab as checked
  • In the tab-content you are free to put any HTML code
<div class="tab-wrapper">
	<div class="tab">
		<input type="radio" name="tab" id="tab1" checked>
		<label for="tab1">Tab One</label>

		<div class="tab-content">
			Tab content here

	<!-- ....... -->



  • The most important thing to keep in mind is the use of css :checked pseudo-class.

  • Hide all input radio buttons

  • The use of the css sibling selector ~ to target elements associated to a label


You will need to test it on most common browsers. Mostly their compatibility with :checked pseudo-class and ~ selector.

The responsiveness can be easily handled by css media queries. I did an example with small devices. In that case I converted the tabs into accordion navigation.

Image on desktop Image on mobile


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.