Hax your 3DS with a cute little froggy -- for free! Gero!
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What is this?
tl;dr ~ Free CFW for USA, EUR, JPN ~

!tl;dr - This differs from previous iterations of seedminer in the following ways:
* is completely free
* uses homebrew (free steelhax) to import/export DS Download Play, an internal SYSTEM dsiware (system settings can't be used to export system dsiware, but homebrew can)
* DS dlp is free as opposed to the $2 eshop dsiware used in seedminer.
* the dsihax used to inject DS dlp is a new version of Ugopwn ported to JPN Flipnote Studio v0.
* this particular region/version is needed because dsiware injected to a system app cannot bring its own save - and other regions/versions error when its save cannot be found.
* considering the above save limitation, Ugopwn can also conveniently load a payload from the sd card, another necessary feature for this to work.


Martin Korth (nocash) - location hints for flipnote privkeys, no$gba, excellent Gbatek docs. I could go on.
Shutterbug2000 - ugopwn exploit. brilliant stuff!
Fincs and Wintermute - Flipnote Lenny, a revised version of ugopwn. This is the version I ported. Very clean, elegant work which made it a more manageable task for me.
zacchi4k and Chromaryu - for tools assistance, thanks a bunch!
All my peeps on the Nintendo Homebrew Discord and GBAtemp for constant support of seedminer and its users!