Stuff that probably deserves their own repo but doesn't because zoogie
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# Stuff

Meant as an easy way to install a twl hb environment from a cia on 3ds. Since titleDB doesn't allow cias
with srls as their content section, this app embeds bootstrap.cia in its romfs, which it installs
upon boot and copies boot.nds to sd root as well. Install from FBI titleDB under "Stuff" lol (yes I should move this
to its own repo). 

Godmode9 script that installs sudokuhax to DSinternet or DSdownload play. Can uninstall them as well.
Download from plailect's guide (magnet links) and extract and public_usa.sav to
DSdownload ( and DSinternet ( should be dumped to that directory upon boot assuming they aren't modified.
You may put them there manually as well.
Should work with USA, EUR, JPN, and KOR 3ds's.
Should work with clean firm which is some nice insurance.

Dumps nvram.bin to sd card and writes it to the 3ds's spi wifi flash. Also fixes broken crc16's on the
6 wifi settings sections and DS profile 1 and 2 so you won't have to overwrite any settings, unlike NVRAM Flash Manager. and
Sign Flipnote Studio(3D) files ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
The kwz version has no checksum correction yet.

Harder to find than bigfoot until now; this app does what it says on the tin: ftp's into ctrnand.
Not recommended for everyday users or morons because of the obvious brick risk.
Even if you think you're smart, only use this with ntrboot or hardmod as a backup.