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These are apparently protected. However, the license on the head
of the javascript is actually MIT. So I'm not sure which parts are
licensed as what but since we've only been given 24hours to remove
the content I'm just going to purge it all.

This may break some themes/pages/elements. But given that zookeepr
is largely unmaintained at this point and that most deployments
write their own theme I'm not too worried.

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zookeepr Readme

This document details how running zookeepr, how to run tests, and where to start hacking.

It assumes that you have the necessary dependencies installed and the development environment up and running. Please refer to INSTALL if you do not have your environment set up.

Running zookeepr


  • Run paster serve -v --reload development.ini
  • Point your browser to http://localhost:5000/

Where to start hacking

  • Refer to the docstrings to familiarise yourself with the code
  • PEP-8 is your new god. PyLint can be used to enforce it. Refer to
    • Check the code against pep8 with tox -e pep8
  • Run tests with tox
  • Add yourself to the AUTHORS file if you think you're contributions are worthy :-)