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zookeepr AUTHORS
The following people are the primary authors of zookeepr. See also the
THANKS section for a list of all contributors. Discussion of development occurs on
the zookeepr-devel AT mailing list (also an easy way to reach
the authors).
Active Authors:
Jiri Baum <jiri AT baum DOT com DOT au>
John Ferlito <johnf AT inodes DOT org>
Joshua Hesketh <josh AT nitrotech DOT org>
James Iseppi <james AT iseppi DOT org>
Francois Marier <francois AT fmarier DOT org>
Nick Sonneveld <nick AT sonneveld DOT name>
Past Authors:
Jamie Wilkinson <jaq AT spacepants DOT org>
Lindsay Holmwood <auxesis AT gmail DOT com>
Michael Kedzierski <ycros AT kruel DOT org>
zookeepr THANKS
Many people further contributed to zookeepr by reporting problems, suggesting
various improvements or submitting actual code. Here is a list of these
people, alphabetically by surname. Help me keep it complete and exempt of
Ben Leslie <benno AT benno DOT id DOT au>
Jeff Waugh <jdub AT perkypants DOT org>
Josh Bush <cheeseness AT yahoo DOT com>
Peter Lieverdink <me AT cafuego DOT net>
Donna Benjamin
Paul Wayper <paulway AT mabula DOT net>
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