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An open-source cloud service for viewing arbitrarily high-resolution zoomable images.

Inspired by, and has taken over, the similar former Microsoft service This is a full, from-scratch rewrite, brought to you by the same developers who built the original


This service is running live at We aren’t accepting any new content for now, but all old content should continue to work.

This service also includes a REST API, available at (e.g. /v1/content/4rcn). For details and API documentation, see

You can also run this code and host the service on your own. The codebase is still a work-in-progress, but we can try to help if you need.

If you wish to run this on your own, or to contribute to our development, please see for instructions.


You can join our Google Group or email us at


Feel free to file bugs, request features, and ask questions on GitHub Issues. That’s also where we’re tracking TODOs and remaining work.


Special thanks to:

  • Bill Crow (RIP) and David Vos for keeping alive at Microsoft through the years, and helping us transition it when its time came. They moved mountains to get us both the data and the domain.

  • OpenSeadragon for providing the zooming viewer.

  • VIPS for providing blazing-fast DZI generation.

  • All of our contributors for their time and energy. This project is entirely a labor of love, and all of us have our own day jobs. Maintaining any open-source project is work, but running a live, production service on top of that is something even more.

  • Marcin Mierzejewski for the Ansible Ubuntu setup scripts:


This code is open-source under the MIT license.