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-- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- --
-- Wadler's Pretty Printer with Lua Pretty Printer module --
-- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- --
Copyright (C) 2008, 2009 by Andrew Zhilin <>
Distributed under MIT license.
Package contents:
zpp.lua -- Wadler's Pretty Printer (undocumented, sorry)
luapp.lua -- Pretty Printer for lua structures
errfmt.lua -- error formatter
test_luapp.lua -- tests, optional
Some Notes:
For using lua pretty printer you shoud place files zpp.lua, errfmt.lua
and luapp.lua somewhere in your $LUA_PATH. luapp module exports only
one function 'pp' with signature:
pp(any,[root-name],[page-width],[max-line-with]) -> string
@root-name -- optional name for the topmost table if you expect it to
be recvursive, default: "ROOT"
@page-width -- optional max page width, default: 78
@max-line-with -- optional fraction of the max desired line width to
the page width, default: 0.6
Minimal program:
local M = require"luapp"
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