Smart subject selector (used to be called CellectEx)
Elixir JavaScript Shell
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Opening a debug UI:

  • Find cookie secret in s3://zooniverse-code/production_configs/cellect_ex/environment_production (same as SECRET_KEY_BASE)
  • iex --name observer@ --cookie COOKIE_VALUE
  • :observer.start
  • Menu Node -> Connect

Now you can browse through and inspect the state of things through the Applications tab.

Development guide

Local installation:

  • brew install elixir
  • mix deps.get
  • mix ecto.create && mix ecto.migrate
  • mix test
  • iex -S mix phoenix.server and curl http://localhost:4000/api

Using Docker:

  • docker-compose build
  • docker-compose run web mix ecto.create
  • docker-compose run test mix test
  • docker-compose up and curl http://localhost:4000/api

Running a benchmark:

  • First of all, compile a production-like version of the app, since the dev server will be doing code reloads and a whole bunch of other things:
  • MIX_ENV=bench PORT=4000 POSTGRES_USER=marten POSTGRES_HOST=localhost DESIGNATOR_AUTH_PASSWORD=foo elixir -pa _build/bench/consolidated -S mix phoenix.server
  • brew install siege
  • siege -d1 -c100 -t20s http://localhost:4000/api/workflows/338\?strategy\=weighted