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1.1.1 (2019-11-29)

  • Fix: Bump pyyaml requirement to >=5.1 to fix AttributeError

1.1 (2019-10-25)

  • New: Use multithreaded subject uploads
  • New: Add option to resume subject uploads on failure
  • New: Add ID file option to subject set add/remove
  • New: Add --file-column option to subject uploads
  • New: Add info commands for all objects
  • New: Add delete commands for all objects
  • New: Allow multiple remote MIME types
  • New: Add user token command
  • Fix: Do not connect to API during configure
  • Fix: Use yaml.full_load instead of yaml.load
  • Fix: Use os.path.isfile instead of exists
  • Add help text to workflow download-classifications
  • Abort uploads if manifest doesn't contain any rows
  • Don't show password in configure command
  • Validate endpoint config
  • Validate file sizes before uploading
  • Update pyyaml requirement to >=3.12,<5.2
  • Update click requirement to >=6.7,<7.1

1.0.2 (2019-02-20)

  • Update pyyaml requirement to >=3.12,<4.2

1.0.1 (2018-04-27)

  • Fix: Modifying projects makes them private

1.0 (2017-11-16)

  • New: Add --version option
  • New: Add info command
  • New: Add help text for all commands
  • New: Add progress bars for data export downloads
  • Fix: Modifying project public/private status
  • Remove non-functional --project-id option from subject-set modify
  • Rename workflow download to workflow download-classifications
  • Rely on API to validate file types

0.8 (2017-08-04)

  • New: Set default endpoint to
  • New: Standardise options and arguments
  • Fix: Fix remote media in Python 3
  • Remove default download timeouts

0.7 (2017-06-20)

  • New: Add 'quiet' option to ls commands
  • New: Allow listing multiple subjects by ID
  • New: Add short option for subject set id in subject ls
  • Fix: Use next(reader) rather than

0.6 (2017-05-11)

  • New: Add support for remote subject media locations

0.5 (2017-03-22)

  • New: Make project ls perform a full-text search
  • New: Allow listing subjects in a subject set
  • New: Subject to subject set linking
  • New: Add commands to activate/deactivate workflows
  • New: Add command to download workflow classifications exports
  • Fix: Use os.path.expanduser to find config directory

0.4 (2017-03-13)

  • New: Listing subject sets by project ID and workflow ID
  • New: Listing workflows
  • New: Adding and removing subject sets to and from workflows
  • New: Allow uploading multiple manifests at once (changes arguments for subject_set upload_subjects)
  • Increase default timeout for exports to 1 hour

0.3 (2016-11-21)

  • New: Add all data exports
  • New: Add --allow-missing option to upload_subjects
  • Fix: JPEG uploading
  • Fix: Open manifest file with universal newline mode
  • Fix: Don't create subjects with no images

0.2 (2016-09-02)

  • New: Project classification exports
  • New: Subject retirement
  • New: Add --launch-approved option to project ls
  • Fix: Update SubjectSet.add_subjects -> SubjectSet.add

0.1 (2016-06-17)

  • Initial release
  • Allows creating and modifying projects and subject sets
  • Allows uploading subjects to subject sets
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