DDS for SSB 6.1 transceiver based on Si5351A, ST7735 and ATMEGA1284P
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DDS for SSB 6.1 transceiver based on Si5351A, ST7735 and ATMega1284p

Planned function


  • Encoder

    • Short press - enable/disable RIT (transmits on the main frequency).
    • Long press
      • If encoder is rotated - change step of frequency
  • TX

  • Mode

    • Single press - switches type of modulation
    • Press & hold when is booting - opens Settings menu (use Encoder to navigate and change the values, use Encoder button to activate the menu item and rotate to change, second click will return focus)
  • VFO

    • Short press - switches between A/B VFO
    • Long press - enables SPLIT. Allows to transmit on alternative frequency. For example if you are receiving at VFO A, you will be transmitting at VFO B frequency.
  • MEM

    • Short press - opens menu with saved frequencies (select the frequency to load)
    • Long press - opens menu with cells to save
  • BAND

  • Short press - cycles through list of bands
  • STEP
  • Changes step from 1 Hz to 1 MHz in power of 10th.

Watch demo on Youtube