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PSD Browser Preview

Display and reload your Photoshop mockups in your browsers (desktop, mobile, others).


Getting started

Download the .zip (or use git clone) to grab the project. Open a terminal, and go where you extract the files.

cd path_to_the_folder

Run a npm install to install project dependencies.

npm install

Start watching your files using the gulp default task.


But wait, there's more

Convert to .png file (instead of a .jpg, it's slower).

gulp --png

Watch one file at the time (add the possibility to launch 1 server per .psd).

gulp --input your_file_name.psd

Add a background-color.

gulp --color #00ff00

Change your mockup alignement (default is center).

gulp --left
gulp --right

Help me, I'm using Windows

Open gulpfile.js and replace "exec: 'convert'" with the full path to ImageMagick convert.exe. That's it!