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  • Paris
Antonin Carette k0pernicus

DernierCri Lille, France

Joel Arvidsson oblador

╥━━━━━━━━╭━━╮━━┳ ╢╭╮╭━━━━━┫┃▋▋━▅┣ ╢┃╰┫┈┈┈┈┈┃┃┈┈╰┫┣ ╢╰━┫┈┈┈┈┈╰╯╰┳━╯┣ ╢┊┊┃┏┳┳━━┓┏┳┫┊┊┣ ╨━━┗┛┗┛━━┗┛┗┛━━┻

Stockholm, Sweden

Marcel Pociot mpociot

ORT Interactive GmbH Germany

Devin Abbott dabbott

Founder of @decosoftware, creator of Deco IDE!

Deco San Francisco, California

Jeremy Thomas jgthms

CSS Guru

@improbable-io London

Yoshua Wuyts yoshuawuyts


@datproject Berlin, Germany

Salla sallareznov

Scala Software Engineer

Colisweb Lille, France

Farid Safi FaridSafi

Co-founder Creator of #ReactNative #reactjs #freelance

Paris, France

Xavier Van de Woestyne xvw

I am doing stuff at DernierCri. I am primarily interested in functional languages (and Types systems) and web developement.

@derniercri Lille

Brent Jackson jxnblk

little baby bacons

@c8r New York City

Maxime Thirouin MoOx

Freelance front-end (UI/UX) developer. Open Source addict & compulsive coder. Handyman and gardener. Toulouse, France

Max Stoiber mxstbr

🌍 Travels around the world, brews coffee, skis mountains and makes stuff on the web. Open source developer (@KeystoneJS @ElementalUI) and part of @react-vienna

@mxstbr Vienna, Austria

Thomas pocman

Operation Research & Scala at Colisweb

Colisweb Lille

Benjamin Digeon BenjaminDigeon

Freelance and teacher at @lewagon

Freelance Lille, France

Grégoire HUBERT chanmix51

PragmaFabrik Nantes, France

Nicolás Bevacqua bevacqua

🎉 Open-Source JavaScript @elastic 📚 Writes @mjavascript 📔 Published @buildfirst ✍ Emojineer @ponyfoo ⛺ Organizer @nodeconf @beerjs ⛵ Conference Speaker 🛬

JavaScript @elastic

Guillaume Demesy magsout

front-end developer @splitfire-agency - Open Web @webcompat - Member of @putaindecode

@splitfire-agency Nancy

Nicolas Froidure nfroidure

Fullstack JavaScript developper

@7digital Lille - Nord Pas-de-Calais

David Leuliette flexbox

Consultant Front-end Architect • Hacker • Coach @lewagon

Lille, France

Rémi Delhaye rdlh

@SlaaskHQ Co-founder and CTO. 23yo french guy. #Entrepreneur, #Engineer, #Poker player and ex professionnal horse rider. #Lille and #SanFrancisco

Slaask Lille, FR

TJ Holowaychuk tj

Founder of Apex @tjholowaychuk on Twitter & Medium.

Apex Victoria, BC, Canada

Todd Motto toddmotto

Training the world through @UltimateAngular. Google Developer Expert.

Ultimate Angular Limited England, UK

Dustin Diaz ded

CEO, Founder at

Agent LLC California

Epicque Epicque

Onemore Calais, France

Kevin Deldycke kdeldycke

Data Engineer. Python, Pandas, Cassandra, Linux, macOS.

@Scaleway ☁︎ Paris, France

Matthias Le Brun bloodyowl

Front-end developer

@BeOpinion Paris, France

Kévin Rocher / @Darklg Darklg

One commit a day, keeps the R&D in a good way.

Freelance Front-End / WordPress Paris, France

Erwann Mest kud

front-end engineer, drummer, cinema lover, love to cook, amateur photographer

Available for a job :) Paris, France