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Pixie provides tools to assist using composer to install dojo, mystique, havok and other asset libraries.


To install dojo with composer add the following to your root composer.json:

"repositories": [{ "type": "composer", "url": ""}]

Then you can require dojo packages like this:

"require": {
    "dojo/dojo"   : "~1.9",
    "dojo/dijit"  : "~1.9",
    "dojo/dojox"  : "~1.9",
    "dojo/util"   : "~1.9"

If your root composer.json has an zoop-js-path defined in the extra key, then the dojo packages will be symlinked to that directory. Eg:

"extra": {
    "zoop-js-path": "public/js"

Havok and Mystique

Havok and Mystique are libraries from zoop which fully support composer and utilise these pixie installers.

Other Asset Libraries

You can use the pixie js installer by adding

"type": "zoop-js"
"require": {
    "zoopcommerce/pixie": "*"

to a package composer.json. Then if the project's root composer.json defines

"extra": {
    "zoop-js-path": "public/js"

the package will be symlinked to the defined js path.