Return nil when trying to get the tag name for an unknown node instead of crashing #18

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irace commented Jan 15, 2013

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irace and others added some commits Jan 15, 2013

Fix potential leak
If the newVal is never set on a child's content entry, we will just end
up leaking that value at the end of the function. This should ensure that
if the value is used, even once, we do not free it at the end of the

However, if it is not used at least once, we will free it at the end
of the function call.
Merge pull request #2 from irace/feature/rebrand
Rename this in order to push an unambiguous podspec
Change method used to convert encoding name to C string
The libxml call to parse HTML takes a C string to designate the encoding. This
is derived from the NSUTF8StringEncoding constant through a couple
CFString function calls. However, in the last step, the function
`CFStringGetCStringPtr` was used to convert the encoding name CFString to a
C string. The implementation details of this function apparently
changed from iOS8 to iOS9, so it was returning NULL in iOS9 instead of
"utf-8". I guess this is why Apple warns not to use it. (http://stackoverflow.c
om/questions/18976485/cfstringgetcstringptr-returns-null-on-ios7) We use the
more stable `-NSString UTF8String` instead.
Merge pull request #10 from Khronoss/master
Import HTMLNode.h into HTMLParser.h for HTMLNode protocol's declaration

budhi commented on 4ca56c1 Aug 2, 2017


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