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Safebit is a powerful and smart Bitcoin wallet designed to be easy to use and secure
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      `8b 88'  `88 88     88ooood8 88'  `88    88   88   
d8'   .8P 88.  .88 88     88.  ... 88.  .88 dP 88   88   
 Y88888P  `88888P8 dP     `88888P' 88Y8888' 88 dP   dP   
This is the official public release of Safebit.

Safebit is released under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported
License - meaning you can play around with the code, but you cannot redistribute it without
my explicit permission.

If you wish to contribute to Safebit or start writing plugins, feel free to fork the repository 
and submit pull requests. This is perfectly acceptible. You are not allowed on the other hand to 
create a new web-app either under the Safebit name or by any other name and release it if you're 
using any part of the code in this repository.

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