Pluggable Zope authentication / authorization framework
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Products.PluggableAuthService README

This product defines a fully-pluggable user folder, intended for use in all Zope sites.


The normal way it install this package is via setuptools, either via easy_install into a virtual environment:

$ cd /path/to/virtualenv
$ bin/easy_install Products.PluggableAuthService

or by including the package in the configuration for a zc.buildout-based deployment:

$ cd /path/to/buildout
$ grep "eggs =" buildout.cfg
eggs = Products.PluggableAuthService

The product can also be installed as a depencency of another distribution.

If you want to install this package manually, without using setuptools, simply untar the package file downloaded from the PyPI site and look for the folder named "PluggableAuthService" underneath the "Products" folder at the root of the extracted tarball. Copy or link this "PluggableAuthService" folder into your Zope "Products" folder and restart Zope.


Please see the files under doc/ in the packaged software for more information, and consult the interfaces files under interfaces/ in the software package for PluggableAuthService and plugin APIs.

The documentation is also online available at