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Request flow

  1. The publisher asks the PluggableAuthService to validate the user's access to a given object:

    groups.validate( request, auth, roles )
  2. PluggableAuthService polls its authentication plugins in order, asking each in turn for a user:

    for id, plugin in self.listAuthenticationPlugins():
            user = plugin( request, auth )
        except Unauthorized:
            self.dispatchChallenge( request )
            user.setAuthenticationSource( id )
        user = self.createAnonymousUser()
  3. PluggableAuthService allows each of its decorator plugins to annotate the user:

    for id, plugin in self.listDecoratorPlugins():
        known, schema, data = plugin( user )
        if known:
            sheet = UserPropertySheet( id, schema, **data )
            user.addPropertySheet( id, sheet )
  4. PluggableAuthService allows each of its group plugins to assert groups for the user:

    for id, plugin in self.listGroupPlugins():
        groups = plugin( user )
        user.addGroups( groups )
  5. PluggableAuthService returns the annotated / group-ified user to the publisher.

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