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Appendix A: Zope Core Permissions

This is a list of standard permissions included with Zope. It is a good idea to use these permissions when applicable with your Zope products, rather than creating new ones. A list of built-in Zope permissions are available in the source code of the AccessControl package: src/AccessControl/

Additionally, src/DocumentTemplate/ contains some more permissions.

Core Permissions

  • Access contents information
  • Add Database Methods
  • Add Documents, Images, and Files
  • Add External Methods
  • Add Folders
  • Add MailHost objects
  • Add Page Templates
  • Add Python Scripts
  • Add User Folders
  • Add Vocabularies
  • Add Z Gadfly Database Connections
  • Add ZCatalogs
  • Add Zope Tutorials
  • Change Database Connections
  • Change Database Methods
  • Change External Methods
  • Change Images and Files
  • Change Python Scripts
  • Change configuration
  • Change Page Templates
  • Change permissions
  • Change proxy roles
  • Copy or Move
  • Create class instances
  • Define permissions
  • Delete objects
  • Edit Factories
  • FTP access
  • Import/Export objects
  • Manage Vocabulary
  • Manage ZCatalog Entries
  • Manage ZCatalogIndex Entries
  • Manage properties
  • Manage users
  • Open/Close Database Connection
  • Open/Close Database Connections
  • Query Vocabulary
  • Search ZCatalog
  • Take ownership
  • Test Database Connections
  • Undo changes
  • Use Database Methods
  • Use Factories
  • Use mailhost services
  • View
  • View management screens
  • WebDAV access
  • WebDAV Lock items
  • WebDAV Unlock items

Document Template Permissions

  • Change DTML Documents
  • Change DTML Methods