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Appendix D: Zope Resources

At the time of this writing there is a multitude of sources for Zope information on the Internet and in print. We've collected a number of the most important links which you can use to find out more about Zope.

Zope Web Sites is the official Zope website. It has downloads, documentation, news, and lots of community resources.

DZUG was started as the main community site for the German Zope community and combines documentation translated to German, downloads, a portal for the various regional German Zope User Groups as well as information about Zope-related events in Europe.

Zope Italia forms the focal point for the Italian Zope community with news, events information and local Zope group contacts.

Zope Documentation

ZopeWiki - A wiki for the Zope community is a community-run Zope documentation website set up by Simon Michael, author of the famus ZWiki wiki product for Zope.

Zope Developer's Guide teaches you how to write Zope products. It is somewhat outdated but cotains some nuggets you don't find elsewhere.

(Other) Zope Books

The Zope Bible by Scott Robertson and Michael Bernstein.

The Book of Zope by Beehive.

The Zope Web Application Construction Kit edited by Martina Brockman, et. al.

Zope: Web Application Development and Content Management edited by Steve Spicklemire et al.

Zope: Timely, Practical, Reliable written by Pierre Julien Grizel.

The Zope Book is the hardcover version of the original edition Zope Book on which this text is based.

Mailing Lists maintains a collection of the many Zope mailing lists.

Python Information has lots of information about Python including a tutorial and reference documentation.