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- Check demo applications for issues with patterns (grok wiki, ldap address
- choice fields / sources (theuni)
- testing strategy for the tutorial (faassen)
- make it easier to write tests (wosc, faassen)
- error reporting during grokking (provide file/line-number information
on our extrinsically generated errors) (philikon)
- What will happen if we make a utility a old style class and use the
MRO stuff. Since we don't support non-persistent local utilities yet this
may be a rare case.
- What about local utilities that don't subclass persistent? Perhaps we
can look for IPersistent and give an error if the utility doesn't
state it is.
- Change error messages: whenever we report about a callable, add
() to the name. Core Python expections do this.
- JSON support similar to XMLRPC.
Schema/formlib support
- support nested class 'fields' directly on a view (do we really want this?)
- list form for grok.Container (w/ zc.table?)
- delete action on list form
- make formlib macros available in some form?
- what about subclassing a model that has a 'fields'?
Need to discuss
- Do we want to ship Grok with a javascript library dependency such as
MochiKit, to enable out of-the-box AJAX?
- Make it even easier to set up the catalog (intids should be set up
automatically if not already present. Perhaps Index grokkers?).
- Testing support. Test grokkers?
- Error pages: make it easy to register application-specific error
pages for exceptions.
- Easier queries: integrate hurry.query in some way?
- fall back to a static resource that is defined in a package on a higher
level if no static resource directory is defined locally in a package?
- grok.grokkable (to allow grokking of imported things)
- skins
- form redirect
- authentication (pau integration) (faassen)
- sessions (get the session information for something, similar to
- menus - define a menu, associate a view with a menu (module-level,
- making new widgets (faassen, philikon)
- IMPORTANT: different strategies: grok.definefoo() versus n =
grok.Foo(), watch out for consistency/symmetry/...
- use ZCML's conflict resolution machinery; actions for Grok.
- do not accept automatic template directory guessing convention for, bail out with grok error instead?
-, grok.template class restrictions (e.g. grok.template
should only be usable from grok.View subclasses)
- support grok.template(template) in addition to
- support grok.resource on view class level?
- should grok.context and grok.Model be order-dependent?
(so their meaning becomes "below here, this is the context")
- Do we want to initialize model attributes for any schema that the model
implements (in addition to the initialization that is taking place for the
model-level fields)?
- making new fields
- viewlets / content providers (LATER)
- RDB - via extension: megrok.sqlalchemy for example - make it easy to
go between the different schema implementations
- containment constraints (wait for zope 3 to do them right)
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