Drop-in template overrides.
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The z3c.jbot (or "Just a bunch of templates") package allows easy customization of existing templates and images. It works on Zope 2 and Zope 3.

The Chameleon rendering engine is supported [1].

Use of this package adds a small (2-3 ms per request on Plone) to the total application response time.

[1]To enable Chameleon on Zope 2, use the five.pt package (CMF-apps like Plone should use cmf.pt which adds full support).


To override a particular file, first determine its canonical filename. It's defined as the path relative to the package within which the file is located; directory separators are replaced with dots.


Suppose you want to override: /plone/app/layout/viewlets/logo.pt

You would use the filename: plone.app.layout.viewlets.logo.pt

Simply drop the file in a directory and register that directory for use with jbot using a ZCML-directive:

<include package="z3c.jbot" file="meta.zcml" />

    layer="<layer>" />

Templates in views, viewlets and portlets

Any template that is defined as a class-attribute can be overriden using jbot, e.g. those used in views, viewlets and portlets. The template overrides may be registered for any request layer or only a specific layer.

CMF objects

Any skin-object (e.g. images, templates) on the file system (directory views) can be overridden.


Malthe Borch <mborch@gmail.com>