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ZC Buildout recipe for Redhat RC scripts

This package provides a zc.buildout recipe for creating Red-Hat Linux compatible run-control scripts.


1.4.2 (2013-04-16)

Fixed: Tolerate a missing rc script during uninstallation, issuing a warning instead of failing completely.

1.4.2 (2012-12-20)

Fixed: Errors were raised if stopping a run script failed during uninstall. This could cause a buildout to be wedged, because you couldn't uninstall a broken run script.

1.4.1 (2012-08-31)

Fixed: Processes weren't started on update.

In a perfect world, this wouldn't be necessary, as in the update case, the process would already be running, however, it's helpful to make sure the process is running by trying to start it.

1.4.0 (2012-05-18)

  • Added optional process-management support. If requested, then run scripts are run as part of install and uninstall.
  • Fixed: missing test dependency on zope.testing

1.3.0 (2010/05/26)

New Features

  • A new independent-processes option causes multiple processes to be restarted independently, rather then stoping all of the and the starting all of them.

Bugs Fixed

  • Generated run scripts had trailing whitespace.

1.2.0 (2009/04/06)

displays the name of the script being run for each script when it is started, stopped, or restarted

1.1.0 (2008/02/01)

Use the deployment name option (as provided by zc.recipe.deployment 0.6.0 and later) if present when generating script names.

Use the deployment rc-directory as the destination when a deployment is used.

Use /sbin/chkconfig rather than chkconfig, as I'm told it is always in that location and rarely in anyone's path. :)

1.0.0 (2008/01/15)

Initial public release