Implementations and means for configuration of Zope 3-style views and resources.



This package is at present not reusable without depending on a large chunk of the Zope Toolkit and its assumptions. It is maintained by the Zope Toolkit project.

This package used to provide browser page, resource and menu classes for use with zope.publisher object publishing framework, as well as some other useful utilities and adapters, but most of things was factored out to separate packages, leaving here only backward-compatibility imports.

However, some potentially useful things are still contained in this package:

  • "date" field converter for zope.publisher's BrowserRequest field converter mechanism.
  • "Browser Skins" vocabulary (a vocabulary for IBrowserSkinType utilities)
  • ManagementViewSelector (a browser view that redirects to a first available management view)
  • XML-RPC view and method publishing mechanism along with xmlrpc:view ZCML directive.