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History Substring Search

This plugin integrates zsh-history-substring-search into zoppo, which implements the Fish shell's history search feature, where the user can type in any part of a previously entered command and press up and down to cycle through matching commands.

Case Sensitivity

You can enable/disable case sensitivity.

It's disabled by default.

zstyle ':zoppo:plugin:history-substring-search' case-sensitive 'yes'

Highlighting Colors

You can enable/disable and set colors when highlighting found or not found matches.

zstyle ':zoppo:plugin:history-substring-search' color 'yes'
zstyle ':zoppo:plugin:history-substring-search:colors' found 'bg=green,fg=white,bold'
zstyle ':zoppo:plugin:history-substring-search:colors' not-found 'bg=red,fg=white,bold'
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