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This plugin provides wrappers for various archive tools.

It's extensible and pluggable.


  • extract extracts the contents of one or more archives.
  • ls-archive lists the contents of one archive.

Supported Formats

  • .tar.gz, .tgz require tar.
  • .tar.bz2, .tbz require tar.
  • .tar.xz, .txz require tar with xz support.
  • .tar.zma, .tlz require tar with lzma support.
  • .tar requires tar.
  • .gz requires gunzip.
  • .bz2 requires bunzip2.
  • .xz requires unxz.
  • .lzma requires unlzma.
  • .Z requires uncompress.
  • .zip requires unzip.
  • .rar requires unrar.
  • .7z requires 7za.
  • .deb requires ar, tar.

Disable extensions

You can disable certain extensions for specific functionalities or globally.

zstyle ':zoppo:plugin:archive' disable 'deb' 'tar.gz'
zstyle ':zoppo:plugin:archive:extract' disable 'tar.xz'
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