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The editor plugin sets various keybindings and other editor goodies.

Dumb Terminals

There's some dumb terminal support, not all terminals are smart enough to provide correct terminfos, so zoppo tries to fix that adding various known key bindings.

You can enable/disable this feature, as usual.

zstyle ':zoppo:plugin:editor' dumb 'no'

Editor Mode

You can either set emacs or vi mode.

The default is emacs.

zstyle ':zoppo:plugin:editor' mode 'emacs'

Word Characters

You can set what characters are saw as part of the word.

The default is *?_-.[]~&;!#$%^(){}<>.

zstyle ':zoppo:plugin:editor' wordchars '*?_-.[]~&;!#$%^(){}<>'

Dot Expansion

You can enable/disable a special dot expansion function that autocompletes with the realpath when you insert ...

It's enabled by default.

zstyle ':zoppo:plugin:editor' dot-expansion 'no'


You can enable beeps on error if you want.

The default is disabled.

zstyle ':zoppo:plugin:editor' beep 'yes'