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Grails plugin which makes it easy to use jQuery date and time pickers
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Grails Plugin: jQuery Date and Time Pickers

This plugin aims to make it easy to use jQuery date picker and time picker. It will set up the picker popups and configure date parameter binding.


Install jQuery UI resources plugin and then add the following to the plugins part of BuildConfig.groovy:

compile ':jquery-date-time-picker:0.2.0'


Simply use the provided tags on the properties of Date type:

<jqueryPicker:date name="dateOfBirth" value="${personInstance.dateOfBirth}" />
<jqueryPicker:time name="startTime" value="${meetingInstance.startTime}" />

You can pass configuration options to to date and time picker using pickerOptions map:

<jqueryPicker:date name="dateOfBirth" value="${personInstance.dateOfBirth}" pickerOptions="[maxDate: '\'+1M +10D\'']" />

Note that if an option is a string, pass it as string (note the '\'). Take care as none of the options are encoded!

You can also specify the timezone to be used when displaying a date:

<jqueryPicker:time name="startTime" value="${meetingInstance.startTime}" timeZone="${TimeZone.getTimeZone('GMT')}" />


Default date and time formatting is set to suit Australia. It can be easily changed in Config.groovy:

jqueryDateTimePicker {
    format {
        java {
            datetime = "dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm"
            date = "dd-MM-yyyy"
        picker {
            date = "'dd-mm-yy'"
            time = "'H-mm'"

The java property is used to configure the data binding and picker property is used to configure the jQuery date picker popup. Needless to say, you want these to be the same (in terms of the date they produce) but due to different configuration mechanisms each needs to be specified separately (for example, month in java is MM but in picker it is mm). Here are some resources to help with formatting:

Note that the picker property has date and time where as java has datetime and time. Also, the picker property values need to be 'strings inside strings' (see Usage).

Version History



  • Version 0.1.2 accidentally left debug code in which prints input name to the gsp page. This version removes the output.


  • Escape dots and square brackets in input names (issue #6)


  • Set the page codec to none to prevent encoding of single quotes as UTF-8 in Grails 2.3.x (pull request #4)


  • All code contributions and bug reports are much appreciated
  • Please raise issues on github
  • Spaces in preference to tabs
  • Keep commit messages clean (short, capitalised summary, 72 columns or so wrapped details)
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