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This is an automated Nagios configuration file generator.  It's only designed to
generate service configurations, although you can technically use it to generate
anything that is stanza based, probably.

Usage is fairly straightforward.  Look at the two conf files in this repository
to see how it works.  In short, you give it a sources file (containing in essence
the service declarations you want) and then a config file that contains the
hostnames and services you want to monitor on them.

This is not a good replacement for hostgroup based monitoring, since that is
simple and easy to manage.  This is, however, great if you either don't care
about using Nagios hostgroup implementation or if your services all vary enough
that you are getting tired of messing with Nagios configs.

To demonstrate from this folder:

    ./nagios-generator -c example.conf -s sources.conf -d output

Written by Mark Smith <> and copyright by Bump Technologies, Inc.