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This project is my photobooth for my wedding. For about $200, you can create a fun photobooth. Python already has a very rich API that interfaces with the camera.

Required materials:

1.) Install the latest Raspbian distribution to your Raspberry Pi. This has been tested on Jessie. 2.) Follow the install steps from INSTALL.txt file. This will give you the necessary libraries. 3.) Connect the LCD and camera to the Pi and plug it in. 4.) Plug in the printer with USB connection and setup your CUPs config file by enabling port 631 and add the printer by going to yourrpihostname:631 on your browser. Use the following driver file: Canon SELPHY CP900 - CUPS+Gutenprint v5.2.10. You can verify with test page print. 5.) Google how to disable the LCD from going to sleep on your rpi.

Funcionality: Plug in the Raspberry Pi 2 The LCD shows live video from the camera Press the red button You see countdown on the video screen First image taken Countdown again Second image taken Countdown again Final image taken Merge the 3 images to a pre-defined 4th image template Send new file to the printer

Image of the front:

Image of the inside:


Raspberry Pi Photo booth with Canon Selphy 1200 photo printer.




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