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Commits on Sep 30, 2008
Makoto Inoue - Added coverage into ignore list 0ddd3cb
Commits on Oct 01, 2008
Makoto Inoue - Added each sub categorized specs under nested description 7426386
Makoto Inoue - Added thubmnail selection logic bfa1545
Commits on Oct 02, 2008
Makoto Inoue -Added choose_thumbnail link from show_parent page
-Added logic to fetch files from s3 and generates thumbnail at choose_thumbnail action only unless iframe is set to true
Makoto Inoue Revert "- Added each sub categorized specs under nested description"
This reverts commit 7426386.
Makoto Inoue Merge commit 'origin/master' into thumbnail

Makoto Inoue - created save_thumbnail action
- removed process method and inlined into upload action
- Changed logic to let user edit thumbnail when iframe is set to false
Makoto Inoue - Removed typos ed16e12
Martyn Loughran typo 206ff69
Commits on Oct 03, 2008
Makoto Inoue - Added p[:choose_thumbnail] config at panda_init.rb.example 33b9083
Makoto Inoue - Changed logic to generating thumbnail of all positions during initi…
…al encoding
Martyn Loughran Refactoring the Videos controller to simplify and extract thumbnail r…
Commits on Oct 06, 2008
Martyn Loughran Merge commit 'origin/thumbnail' into massive_refactoring

Martyn Loughran Finished refactoring the thumbnail code out of video controller and g…
…ot the UI working correctly.
Martyn Loughran Removed all the old schema files (relic from the past) 5df7000
Martyn Loughran Allow deleting of videos even if a video file is missing (filesystem …
…or S3).

* A filesystem error should not prevent a video being deleted from the db
* An error message is logged to console if this case occurs.
Martyn Loughran Bugfix: choose thumbnail should default to false if not set. 62619a2
Martyn Loughran Using default configuration, thumbanail resizing should not be selected. 5f6341e
Martyn Loughran Started moving clipping functionality out of the Video model. 7263d82
Commits on Oct 07, 2008
Martyn Loughran Removed the thumbnail choice on upload and move processing into a ren…
…der_then_call block. Necessary because generate_thumbnail_selection can take a very long time for large videos.
Martyn Loughran Completed extracting into the Clipping class (added capture and resiz…
…e methods)
Martyn Loughran Extract public_filepath and public_url from Clipping into LocalStore …
Martyn Loughran Integrated Clipping object into existing code (removed lots of code f…
…rom Video)
Martyn Loughran Fix spec for S3Store. Finally the full test suite passes again! 0091e0b
Martyn Loughran Only show option to change thumbnail if panda is configured to allow …
Martyn Loughran Tests for the Thumbnail controller. d2e06cc
Martyn Loughran Only allow access to Thumbnail controller if clipping can be changed. 93cc10b
Martyn Loughran Benchmark tests for RVideo capture_frame. 53936bd
Commits on Oct 08, 2008
Makoto Inoue - Changed raise condition at update to log exception and its backtrace 1236a92
Martyn Loughran Fix silly bug in S3Store delete() and spec this method. Also be more …
…specific when rescuing exceptions in S3Store.
Martyn Loughran Allow deleting of videos even if a video file is missing (filesystem …
…or S3).

* A filesystem error should not prevent a video being deleted from the db
* An error message is logged to console if this case occurs.
Martyn Loughran Fix silly bug in S3Store delete() and spec this method. Also be more …
…specific when rescuing exceptions in S3Store.
Martyn Loughran Fix spec for S3Store. Finally the full test suite passes again! ca9af8d
Martyn Loughran Specs for video interaction with store (also renamed methods from s3 …
…to store)
Martyn Loughran Test methods relating to thumbnail selection on video (also fixed bug…
… in logic)
Martyn Loughran Check that required directories exist when Panda starts. d5a2e97
Martyn Loughran Extracted private_filepath into LocalStore and speced this module. b0374bd
Martyn Loughran Refactor Clipping so that it is initialized with a position (makes th…
…ings simpler).

Allow all clippings to be uploaded to store (not just the default one).
Martyn Loughran * All clippings now uploaded to store
* Tempoary local files are cleared up
Martyn Loughran Convert thumbnail position percentages to integers. Makes filenames much
shorter and removes the risk of floating point errors causing hard to diagnose
problems with filenames not matching.
Martyn Loughran Remove sleep timeout on video/create action for now.
It's annoying and I'm not convinced that the problem it solves still exists.
2 second delay introduced in commit 2de31cb.
Commits on Oct 09, 2008
Martyn Loughran Merge branch 'edit_thumbnail' into massive_refactoring

Martyn Loughran Cleanup and move more logic out of Videos upload action
* Moved video processing logic out of the Videos upload action
* Teseted processing code in isolation in Video
* Updated and cleaned up specs on Videos controller
Martyn Loughran Upload default clipping for original video as well as for encodings
* This will be used in the UI.
Martyn Loughran Improve the HTML for the videos index page.
* Shows video thumbnails
* Groups original video with all encodings
Martyn Loughran Remove recent encodings from the dashboard since it doesn't actually …

* SimpleDB problem with using limit and order at the same time.
Martyn Loughran Remove unimplemented profiles controller (not used anywhere). fd9cd9c
Martyn Loughran Nice style for the 'pick a thumbnail' pages (was unstyled). 1c9150d
@edward edward Added detail to README dependencies d44f0b0
@edward edward Added Panda::Config[:sdb_base_url] for local sdb testing de0268a
Martyn Loughran Merge branch 'massive_refactoring'

Commits on Oct 10, 2008
Martyn Loughran Bugfix in init when using case sensitive filesystem. 25d813e
Martyn Loughran Sanitycheck Panda config on load and clean up the example config file
* Clearer example config file with more documentation
* Made defaults more sensible.
* Checks that all required config options have been set
* Warns if no encoding profiles exist.
Martyn Loughran Reads s3 bucket name and SimpleDB domains from config when creating t…

* Panda::Setup.create_s3_bucket now creates s3 bucket
* Panda::Setup.create_sdb_domains now creates all sdb domains.
Martyn Loughran Bugfix for tests. 78d1a6d
Martyn Loughran Bugfix: need to generate thumbnail for original video even if not cha…

* Original thumbnail is now used in the Panda admin UI.
Martyn Loughran Further clarification to the example config file. 25c0b84
Martyn Loughran Yet more details and typo corrections for example config file. 3d30c97
Commits on Oct 13, 2008
Martyn Loughran Fixed catch-22 where you couldn't create a domain unless it already e…
…xisted :)
Martyn Loughran Merge commit 'edward/datamapper-simpledb-adapter'
Martyn Loughran Minor rearranging. 4a0ec9a
Martyn Loughran Push thumbnail updating into a render_then_call block.
* S3 isn't that speedy and sometimes causes the admin page to timeout.
Martyn Loughran Last commit really didn't work as expected. This should do the trick. 3c66412
Martyn Loughran Don't display a crazy UUID on the login page. 45e2047
Commits on Oct 14, 2008
Martyn Loughran Moved notifier and encoder into bin directory.
* Allows us to autoload the lib directory.
* Also that's where they should be - they're scripts!
Martyn Loughran Removed rog - not being used. 3efda21
Martyn Loughran Moved core extensions into their own directory in lib. 5621d98
Martyn Loughran Move S3 bucket creation into S3Store class (to keep all S3 stuff in o…
…ne place)

* Kept same public API - Panda::Setup.create_s3_bucket
Martyn Loughran Let merb autoload lib directory. 56ba4bf
Martyn Loughran Clean up init file. 525ba74
Makoto Inoue Added streamscript option if video_store is set as filesystem ba7878a
Makoto Inoue -Added swfobject2.js to embedded javascript d69df11
Makoto Inoue - Fixed failed spec 76383ae
Martyn Loughran Updated the README file
* Now contains local installation guide (as posted to website).
* Cleaned up the rest of the test.
* Now points to in case people find panda though github
Martyn Loughran Rename README so that github formats it as markdown. efc99a4
Martyn Loughran Merge branch 'master' of 8f46df5
Martyn Loughran Removed README_EC2 because it's not worth keeping in sync with pandas…
Martyn Loughran Tweak README 840f3b0
Commits on Oct 17, 2008
@mloughran mloughran UUID bugfix - difference in API between versions. 12e629f
Martyn Loughran Merge branch 'stable' 05ea845
Commits on Oct 20, 2008
Makoto Inoue Fixed failed test 0459a3a
Makoto Inoue Merge branch 'stable' of into stable 24e0791
Makoto Inoue Revert "Added streamscript option if video_store is set as filesystem"
This reverts commit ba7878a.
Makoto Inoue Merge branch 'master' into stable 55e206a
Makoto Inoue Fix silly precedence bug with UUID. fcf08b3
Martyn Loughran Fixed video.(xml/yaml): Test and fix a bug in the show_response method. d3a2e8c
Commits on Oct 28, 2008
Martyn Loughran Support HTTP basic auth for notification. Ticket. #443. Thanks Carson…
… Baker.
Commits on Sep 16, 2009
@dctanner dctanner Workaround for MP4Box not being able to save to EBS volumes on some E…
…C2 instances
Commits on Sep 17, 2009
@dctanner dctanner Fix filename problem when uploading from IE. If you're having any iss…
…ues with 400's from SimpleDB, it could be because the the original_filename attribute is too long (unfortunately the SimpleDB lib we're using doesn't catch this). This commit fixes this for new uploads, but if you have existing videos I would recommend running the following in `merb -i`.

  Video.query.each {|v| v.original_filename = v.original_filename.split("\\").last; }
Commits on Oct 05, 2009
@dctanner dctanner Rename form action in Videos controller to upload_form, because Merb …
…already defines the method form. Also added in a route so the old url /videos/form url still works.
@dctanner dctanner Fix old refs from form to upload_form. 1ff6472
Commits on Oct 23, 2009
@nickmerwin nickmerwin fixed upload_form route, renamed template ac62f36
Commits on Dec 02, 2009
@wildfalcon wildfalcon Wrapped mp3box commands in a CD block
Any temporary files created in the processing
are written to the current directory. Now we 
make sure the current directory is one that will 
be autocleaned

This also prevent the out_ files ever
being created in the first place.
@wildfalcon wildfalcon Added email script 65acf4d