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About nncheck

nncheck is a Network Neutrality Checker.

nncheck tries to establish outgoing TCP connections on common ports,
and checks whether they are blocked (for instance, your mobile ISP
might block the SIP port, 5060).

The state of a port can be:

* "open", which means that the connection to the responder was

* "closed", which means that somebody (probably your ISP) has
  terminated the connection;

* "timeout" (only when using curl), which means that the responder has
  not replied within a few seconds (2 by default). Usually, ISPs do
  not terminate the connection, but rather drop it without noticing
  the initiater, leading to a timeout. It should be safe to consider
  this as a blocked port, but a slow connection might trigger
  false-positive. If you want to be certain, try running the script
  again or change the TIMEOUT variable in the script.

Report Net Neutrality violations

If you find that your ISP (especially a mobile one) is blocking some
ports, you can discuss it on our irc channel, #laquadrature on

If you live in Europe, you can also visit http://respectmynet.eu :
first check if your country/ISP is already on the list (in which case
you can confirm and comment). If it's not, you can create a new

Please double-check that your report is accurate (try running the
script multiple time, raising the TIMEOUT value…)

Adding ports to test

Feel free to propose new ports to check!

Please note, though, that each port might take up to 2 seconds to
check (in case the port is blocked but the connection is simply
dropped, not closed -- yeah, some ISPs are evil --, there is a
2-seconds timeout)


To check whether an outgoing port is blocked, we use La Quadrature du
Net's responder, available at:
    http://responder.lqdn.fr:<port> (eg. http://responder.lqdn.fr:6667 )

There also is a text version at: