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Helps you remember complex information without giving yourself a headache. The goal is to provide a way to store structured facts without having to spend a lot of time worrying how the data is stored. This is basically a simple-minded key-value store/NoSQL database interface.

It is aimed at tools like bots that often need to record data like when a user was last seen or how many karma points a subject has earned, etc. These small simple facts tend to be just complex enough that a straight hash can give you migraines, but too simple that a full blown MongoDB install is over-thinking the solution.

This also presents a few simple ways to store information, called brains:

  • DBM::Deep - The DBM brain uses the DBM::Deep module, which is a hierarchical key-value/NoSQL storage engine built on an old style DBM format.
  • YAML - This will let you load andd store facts using a YAML file, such as might be useful for configuration data.
  • Memory - This stores in memory for the duration of the process.
  • Hybrid - Allows you to use other engines in combination by letting certain parent keys be marked as belonging to a given brain.
  • POE - This can be used in combination with POE to store the brain information in the POE heap.

The preferred installation method is from CPAN:

cpanm Data::Remember

Or if you want to hack the code, feel free to fork and build it from here.