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Bootstrap 4 integration with Django.
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Bootstrap 4 for Django Latest PyPI version

Bootstrap 4 integration for Django.


The goal of this project is to seamlessly blend Django and Bootstrap 4.



The full documentation is at


  1. Install using pip:

    pip install django-bootstrap4

    Alternatively, you can install download or clone this repo and call pip install -e ..

  2. Add to INSTALLED_APPS in your


  3. In your templates, load the bootstrap4 library and use the bootstrap_* tags:

Example template

{% load bootstrap4 %}

{# Display a form #}

<form action="/url/to/submit/" method="post" class="form">
    {% csrf_token %}
    {% bootstrap_form form %}
    {% buttons %}
        <button type="submit" class="btn btn-primary">Submit</button>
    {% endbuttons %}


A demo app is provided in demo. You can run it from your virtualenv with python runserver.

Bugs and suggestions

If you have found a bug or if you have a request for additional functionality, please use the issue tracker on GitHub.


You can use this under BSD-3-Clause. See LICENSE file for details.


Developed and maintained by Zostera.

Original author & Development lead: Dylan Verheul.

Thanks to everybody that has contributed pull requests, ideas, issues, comments and kind words.

Please see AUTHORS.rst for a list of contributors.

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