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<head><script src="bootLeisure.js"></script>
<link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'></head>
<body leisureCode class="thin">
require 'maps'
require 'svg'
(svgMeasureText 'hello' '') \w h . [w h]
cons a
circle nil
translate (circle nil) 10 10
svgMeasureNodes [(circle nil)] \x y w h . concat ['x: ' x ', y: ' y ', w: ' w ', h: ' h]
rect nil
text 'foopy' defaultCircleMap
polygon nil
svgMap = hashFromList [ 'width' 200 'height' 100 ]
svg (circle nil) svgMap
svg (rect nil) svgMap
svg (text 'testing SVG' nil) svgMap
decorateText = hashFromList [ 'x' 0 'y' 80 'stroke' 'black' 'stroke-width' 2 'fill' 'blue' 'font-family' 'Impact' 'font-size' 40 ]
svg (text 'testing SVG' decorateText) svgMap
svg (polygon nil) (mergeHash (hashFromList [ 'width' 500 'height' 350 ]) svgMap)
#@test {"expr":"cons 'a' nil\n","result":"[a]"}
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