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Zota for Woocommerce Plugin

Zota for WooCommerce

Zota for WooCommerce is substantial and secure solution for alternative payment systems with WooCommerce. With Zota for WooCommerce, your customers enjoy payments with Zotapay supporting multiple currencies and payment methods. See Zotapay's website and our Developer's Portal.


What is Zota for WooCommerce?

Zotapay for WooCommerce is a Payment Gateway that allows you to accept alternative payments from all over the world.

Is Zotapay account required?

Yes! A Zotapay account is required to receive the necessary credentials for Zotapay. In order to sign up, please contact Zotapay Sales.

Is test/sandbox mode available?

Yes! Test/sandbox mode is available. Credentials for Zotapay sandbox are required. Sandbox Config Page

How to get started?

Download, install and activate Zotapay for WooCommerce from Plugins page in WordPress administration. Activate Zotapay

How to go to Settings?

Following activation, click on the plugin's Settings button near Deactivate. Or go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Payments and click on Zotapay for WooCommerce. Settings Button

How to setup?

On the Zota for WooCommerce settings page, enable Zota and fill in the provided credentials.

How to setup multiple payment methods?

Zotapay can provide multiple EndPoints, which represent different local payment methods. The “Add Payment Method” button allows for the configuration of additional end points, to add custom names, description and logo of the payment method. Adding a Payment Method

Where can I get support?

Zotapay for WooCommerce is supported by Zotapay. For sign-up and sales inquiries, please contact For Support, please use and include customer identifiable information, along with a description of the issue.